A Great and Good Man

A young pianist was giving concerts in several towns in Germany. In order to draw more people to her concerts she said that she was a pupil of the famous composer Liszt. On the day before the concert in a small town, she had a great shock when she heard that Liszt had arrived at the very hotel where her concert was to take place. After thinking for a time, she decided to go and see the great composer, tell him the truth, and ask his pardon.

Entering his room she told her story and descried all the difficulties she had met with. When she had told her story, the great man said to her, "Well, well, my child, let us see what we can do. Perhaps it is not so bad as you thought. There is a piano; let me hear one of the pieces that you want to play tomorrow". She seated herself at the instrument and began to play and the kind old man gave her advice. When she had finished the piece, he added, "Now, my child, I have given you a lesson; you are now truly a pupil of Liszt".

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