Kittens or Apples?

Mr. Brown had a shop in the front of his house. It was a little fruit shop. In the shop there were apples, pears, berries and other kinds of fruit. Mrs. Brown had a cat and the cat had five little kittens. Mrs. Brown put the kittens into a basket and put the basket on a bench in the street in front of his shop. On the basket he put a piece of paper with the words: "Please take one". On the same bench there was a large box of nice red apples for sale.

Then Mr. Brown went into the room behind the shop to have his dinner. Two schoolboys, who were walking along the street, came up to the shop. They read the words on the piece of paper. Then they took the paper, put it in the box of the apples and ran away. When Mr. Brown came out an hour later, he saw that there were only a few apples in the apple box, but the five kittens were still in the basket.

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